What our clients have to say...



Luke and Carly

Events by Emily Kay was a lifesaver for us. We decided to have a short engagement (~4 months total) and thought that we could pretty easily do it on our own. When we talked to Emily, she told us what she had to offer and I remember thinking, "Well that will be nice, but I don't know how much we will need her help". I quickly learned I was so wrong! Unless you are not working at all and have a very dedicated and extremely available family, likely you will not be able to do everything you need without a wedding coordinator (and if you do, you are superwoman). Emily was perfect for us. She was able to work with me, my fiancé and my mom and coordinate EVERYTHING from the table rentals to food to decorations and even helped us find ring bearer outfits that were so cute and super affordable! As a working woman, I didn't have much free time to go to various meetings for food options, measuring the venue for seating arrangements, or for price quotes. Not only did Emily arrange everything, she did her research in advance and gave us the bottom line for the options we were considering. She allowed us to make the decisions but gave us all the information and kept reminding us when we would procrastinate/forget. The leg-work was already done, which was SUCH a relief...all we had to do was choose.

One of my favorite parts about the wedding was the decorating that she did- our centerpieces, decor around the venue, the escort cards...all were a result of her time and effort. People were coming up to us and telling us how much they loved the way everything turned out! I had a lot of the ideas, but Emily helped me execute them...and better than I had envisioned. I am so happy with the way everything turned out!

Having Emily coordinate the wedding allowed my mom to be freed up and a part of all the wedding day fun :) 2 years before my wedding, my mom was the "wedding coordinator" for my sister's wedding. As a result, I feel like she missed out on so many of the special moments because she was running around decorating and putting together last minute touches. She was the last person to get her hair done and almost missed the family pictures before the ceremony. I decided I wouldn't let that happen to her on my wedding day. Thankfully, I had Emily to take that role and my mom didn't have to run around. She was able to relax, smile, laugh, cry and take LOTS of pictures with me :)

I highly recommend Events by Emily Kay. She is the sweetest person and she will work HARD for you- to make your day exactly what you want it to be and she will make sure you relax and ENJOY each second of it!



Overall I thought the whole process was seamless. It was nice to have my opinion matter. I was able to pick out a few important things and have my wedding be mine without any of the leg work. I was able to make decisions and have Emily make it happen. It was the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to. On the day of the wedding I didn't have to do anything. Emily had a team of people to set everything up. I hung out with my groomsmen and got dressed, and got married. I am recommending her to all of my friends as they get engaged. She did a great job.



Mother of the Bride

As the MOB, it was great having Emily take care of so many, many, many little and big details! She always was timely and very friendly. It is never fun when someone makes you feel like you are a bother, and that is NOT the case with Emily! Which definitely keeps the stress level down. Thanks Emily for that and all the many other things you capably handled throughout the whole process.

Emily communicated very often, and everything was well-documented in emails. She had the whole wedding week schedule written out, and hourly for the day before and big day, so everyone knew where they were to be and what to expect. She made sure we were all fed during the busy days, and especially the bride. She stepped in to do make-up when the original girl didn't work out, and she did a great job with that too.

She was always on time, and never left us out of any of the decisions. She always willingly offered to do anything and everything. My husband ended up at the venue with his suit pants missing, and Emily was immediately calling to try to locate the same pair for us to buy. (Thankfully my husband was able to race home and find they had fallen off the hanger!) But Emily just stepped right up to the plate immediately. She also would look for clothes or props with our theme/colors while she was out doing her own errands, which was helpful.

When she had to leave town during the preparations, she made sure she planned ahead so that every base was covered. She was full of ideas and local connections. She also worked hard at home to hand make things, and offered any of her own things for us to borrow. She definitely went above and beyond what we expected. It was really nice throughout, but especially on the big day! She was even there to help with all the clean up the next day.

I would highly recommend Events by Emily Kay, you will not be disappointed!



Dorothy and Greg

How can you thank someone who makes your wedding dreams come true? Let me attempt. Emily, of Events by Emily Kay, was my wonderful wedding planner. She listened to what I wanted for my wedding and reception .Her organizational skills and creative vision brought my wedding over the top. Emily assured me that whatever problems happened I was unaware, because she took control. From the beginning of the planning stage to visiting the venders Emily was always there taking all the stress and worry out of my wedding. Her creative visions and attention to detail made my wedding and reception beautiful and beyond what I expected. Emily helped in every aspect of the planning and hiring of the staff for the reception .She problem solved, decorated, anticipated, organized and kept the wedding / reception flowing and care free . My friends told me that it was the best wedding and reception they have ever been to. Thanks again to Events by Emily Kay.



Page and Tom

My husband, Tom, and I got married in September 2013. In the months leading up to the wedding, all the little details were starting to pile up and I was getting more and more stressed with each passing day. Tom had worked with Emily a couple years prior and he knew she was starting to work on setting up her own wedding planning business. He called her to see if she would be willing to help us out and we set up a meeting to discuss our needs and desires with her. I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders even after the first meeting! Emily took extremely careful notes and asked every question possible to get a full picture of what Tom and I wanted in our wedding. As time went on and we continued to work more and more with Emily her talents as a planner and concern for our happiness became clearer each day. Emily greatly decreased my level of anxiety as she took on the task of sorting out every tiny detail and making all those important yet time consuming phone calls to the florist, cake designer, and wedding dress shop. Having these tasks be handed over to her capable hands allowed me to put more energy and focus on finishing the planning for my hair, makeup, dress alterations, and family travels.

Emily not only handled the necessary phone calls and small detail planning but she also worked hard to ensure that other details Tom and I had not thought of were completed, such as printing out day-of time lines for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, making signs designating the front rows of seating to our immediate family members, and coming up with and creating a beautiful, decorated table for our guestbook. She also kept us on track with our seating chart, final confirmations with the florist on the number of centerpieces we required, and timing for each part of the ceremony.

Had we not had Emily helping us I know I would have been a complete wreck by the time the wedding day actually arrived and I would not have been able to enjoy it as much as I did! We were even able to leave the checks for our DJ, photographer, and venue with her to deliver at the end of the evening. I can't even describe what a relief even that was! Knowing that neither Tom nor I had to think about paying everyone really made the day and night the fun, relaxing event it should be.

Tom and I would highly recommend Emily as an event planner for any occasion! Her skills are excellent and you will not find a more thoughtful, prepared and caring person anywhere else. I hope to work with her again in the future for other important life events!


Ben and Sandy

Ben and Sandy

Emily was an all around amazing wedding planner. We contacted her for her services at the final hour, within a month of the wedding day. My wife and I had been doing all the planning up to that point, but as the day approached we realized there was way too much for us alone to handle. Emily came in and saved the day! She interacted with all our venders for us, handled all the set up and take down the day of, and was extremely professional and friendly throughout the entire process. We couldn't have done it without her!





Margaret and Will

Emily was very helpful in taking care of all the small details that I couldn't afford to stress about. She contacted vendors, helped with decorations, checked on our mental welfare weekly & encouraged us to enjoy the process. Emily went out of her way to meet up when & where it was convenient to us. All in all, we couldn't have done it all without her.