A Message from Emily

"Why did you start this business," you might ask. I’ll share my secret with you... I LOVE TO HOST! I really enjoy having guests over and throwing parties. It is all too easy for me to make a big deal out of having a nice meal. I came to realize that I just don’t have enough reasons to host on my own. The idea of starting Events by Emily Kay made so much sense, not only to me, but to my family. It is a way that I can do what I love best, but for someone else. It truly is my pleasure and joy to serve my couples. I am honored when each couple invites me into the most memorable day they will experience in their lives together so far.

This is a piece of advice I tell each of my couples: The two of you and your relationship is so much more important than any detail of planning a wedding. Let me share with you how my amazing husband (Joshua) taught me this lesson.

My family is from Arkansas, but I was living here in Albuquerque. Joshua and I decided to have an intimate ceremony at a beautiful park there and had a larger reception here in New Mexico. Our reception was held in a courtyard that was owned by some friends of ours. This was essentially where Joshua and I first met. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other in this courtyard. He blessed me so much on the day of our reception.

We had spent the day setting up, and still had quite a bit to do. Joshua took me aside a few hours before guests were to arrive, and told me that we were going to get a beer. He knew all too well that I would work up until the last minute; making it difficult for me to relax and enjoy our celebration. I was already trying to cut my time of getting dolled up shorter in order to make sure everything was perfect. He knew exactly what I needed even more than I did. It was so nice being able to take time out, and enjoy being with him before we had to connect with all of our guests. He made sure that we would take time out for each other. I was able to take the time I needed to get ready. I didn’t even notice if every little detail was finished or not. I was too busy being smitten by my new husband. It is my favorite memory of our wedding. I scored a good man!

It is so important to keep your relationship first. That’s what this whole marriage thing is about. Right? Go out on dates and don’t discuss the wedding. Enjoy just being together. This is critical in the last few weeks before your big day when everything starts getting busier and busier. Focus on who you are marrying, not that you are getting married. A wedding is just one beautiful day that is the beginning of a wonderful life with the person you love.

To all of you who have allowed me to be involved with your process, thank you from the bottom of my heart. For those of you considering using a planner, I would love to chat or meet so we can see if there is anything I can do to serve you. I make myself available to my couples anytime day or night. Please email or call anytime.